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Beyond business, we add value to your life.

After decades in business, Mark W. Boslett wanted to update and modernize his brand to reach new audiences with his new services, as well as to prepare for the eventual sale of his business.

The Original Mark W. Boslett, Inc. Logo:


The New Mark W. Boslett, Inc. Logo:

MWB_Main Logo_FINAL_RGB.jpg
MWB_Logo Mark_FINAL.png
MWB_Simplified Logo_FINAL.png

Mark W. Boslett Inc.'s monochromatic color palette feels modern and refreshing, yet professional and credible. 

Color Palette

MWB Color Palette_Artboard 6 copy.jpg


MWB Typography.jpg

A Brand Overview sheet is provided at the completion of the design process to be referenced when creating branded content, or to be shared with any other designer, marketer or publication that works with Mark W. Boslett Inc.'s brand in the future.

Brand Overview

Styles Sheet_2.jpg

Rebranding  |  Brand Rollout

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