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Sunday Creative Co.

Our Mission

At Sunday Creative Co. our goal is to create purposeful design that delivers high-impact solutions. We seek to improve the consumer’s buyer experience to ultimately drive growth and prosperity for our clients. Through tremendous attention to detail, dedication and authenticity, we guarantee a personalized experience for your unique position. We believe that when creativity thrives, market-shifting ideas are born and design leads the way.


Building Locally

We’re passionate about small businesses and strengthening the community. When small businesses flourish, the community responds and well-being rises. As born and raised Northeast Ohio locals, we are dedicated to enriching the community through our work and ambition. Through design we aim to help our neighbors, make connections and build partnerships that will ripple success for everyone around us.

We're Foodies

We eat, breath and sleep food. We love everything about the industry: spotting new trends, new products, culinary innovation, stunning food photography and everything in-between. This passion has created a soft spot for us working within the food industry. So to all restaurants, food manufactures, grocery stores, farmers markets, breweries (any many more!), let's partner together to fulfill your design, photography and illustration needs.


Meet our Team

We're the faces behind Sunday Creative Co. – Christa and Lauren – both proud KSU Visual Communication Design alumni with an instilled love for strong composition, seamless typography pairings and brilliant photography angles.


We're true graphic designers at heart. Our passion just happens to also be our day jobs, which is pretty awesome. We love working with clients one-on-one to give them a custom solution that will elevate their brand and take their business to the next level.


Outside of the office you’ll find us in the kitchen. Cooking and baking are huge creative outlets for us . . . and who doesn't love to eat? We also won't pass up the chance to get outdoors to go kayaking or hiking.


Last, but not least, we must mention the other assets of our team who provide love, laughs and cuddles throughout the day while we work: Mio (Christa's Sun Conure bird) and Cat-Guy (Lauren's Calico cat). These guys show up on our social media from time to time and really steal the show. 

Our Values

Value Icons-01.jpg


We treat your business like it’s our business and approach every situation with a positive attitude.

Value Icons-02.jpg


We are proactive, take initiative and do our best to understand and accommodate your unique needs and expectations.

Value Icons-03.jpg


We are extremely detailed and dependable to clients through our constantly improving processes and procedures.

Value Icons-04.jpg


We provide hassle-free communication and ensure a timely response to your feedback or requests.

Value Icons-05.jpg


We practice a culture of honesty, clarity and trust. 

Value Icons-06.jpg


We ensure the satisfaction of all finished projects. If a client is unhappy with a deliverable, we will find a solution to make it right.

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