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Eat better. Live better. Feel better.

Healthy Choices was created to assist independent grocery retailers with informing their customers of the healthy options in their stores, while providing inspiration and instruction on how to use these healthy ingredients. It is a bi-annual program, complete with an informational booklet, recipe cards, and a variety POP signage to promote the program & emphasize healthy options within their stores.

The first edition: Healthy Choices Spring/Summer Seasonal Booklet

This edition is centered around featuring local, seasonal ingredients that are family-friendly, delicious, easy to acquire, and have higher profit margins within the stores – such as apples, avocado, tomato, berries and broccoli.

The second edition: Healthy Choices Fall/Winter Seasonal Booklet

This edition utilizes local and seasonal ingredients – such as pumpkin seeds, butternut squash and cranberries – and also plays off of popular seasonal and holiday favorites – such as winter bowls, soups and stews.

No program would be complete without Point of Sale & Point of Purchase signage & displays.

We’ve supplemented the recipes in the Healthy Choices booklets with additional POP and POS communications, signage and displays throughout the store to increase customer awareness and engagement with the program.

Design  |  Recipe Development  |  Logo & Identity |  Naming  |  Copywriting  |  Food Photography & Styling  |  POS & POP Signage 

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